So why are we doing this challenge?

In early December of 2013 I was lucky enough to be a father for the second time to an amazing little boy we call “Oskie”. He was an incredibly happy, bubbly baby and baby who we couldn’t wait to introduce to his big brother and rest of the family.

On returning home with our new little man everything was fine and all couldn’t be happier. A week later our midwife / super hero came to visit us and catch up on Oskie’s development, moments after the midwife arrived Oskie stopped breathing and his lungs collapsed.

Oskie had caught a virus that only really ever strikes around Winter time called R.S.V (for more details please go to this website http://www.morethanacold.co.uk/). Thankfully for us our midwife had just been on a course on resuscitating babies and clearing their lungs only days before and was able to keep Oskie stable.

We were rushed to our local hospital in Tunbridge Wells who managed to keep Oskie in safe state before we got moved up to a specialist Children’s Hospital, this one being Kings College Hospital.

King’s College Hospital is one of the UK’s leading centres for children, the Variety Children’s Hospital@King’s. Designed with children and their carers in mind, every year it treats and cares for more than 50,000 sick children.

On arrival Oskie was put into an assisted coma and his fight began to beat the virus. The staff at King’s were and are out of this world and looked after our son and us to the highest degree. It was at this point my wife & I promised whatever outcome that we would try and give something back in what ever capacity we could.

We spent all of December and Christmas living in King’s College Hospital and we are delighted to say just before New Year’s Oskie started to make a recovery. We now have Oskie back home with the family and there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think of what he went through and how lucky we were to be in such capable hands.

With it fast approaching one year since the incident and Oskie being well, we have decided to start raising some money for Kings College Hospital and in-particular the Children’s Intensive Care Ward.

Getting in shape…

On Christmas Day last year due to all the shops being shut (as it’s Christmas… duh!) the only shop open was Pizza Hut, so we ordered a pizza. (This is a tradition I have asked to be continued at Christmas but the wife has denied.) Even though this delicious, three cheese, peperoni bad boy pizza eating was driven out of necessity, it was also indicative of the lifestyle I was living, fast, crazy hours and not overly healthy.

The events that pasted that December made us decide to look after ourselves better and put our bodies through some physical pain in aid of a great cause. So earlier this year the idea for the TWELVE MONTH CHALLENGE was born… (gulp!). This seemed like a great idea over a glass of wine!

After nagging Ellie (my unbelievably cool wife) about the idea of me boxing she finally broke on the condition I start getting in shape. December 2013 I was weighing in a good 19.5 Stone, that’s a lot of man, that’s a lot of timber!

Through a friend I met at a wedding he introduced me to this amazing non-profit, amateur boxing club called Fitzroy Lodge. Run by volunteers, all living legends who all work closely with the Carney’s Community Organisation by helping getting kids of the streets and getting them focused on being part of a caring, hard working community not a gang.

The impact this place has and influence on the lives of others is all around you and so much so it inspired our second and third choice of charities.

The Twelve Month Challenge is 12 Events over the next twelve months, all building up to a huge box office White Collar Boxing Fight Night. The events have been picked but we are still open to ideas especially if it allows us to raise more money and they don’t have to be just physical challenges!

Please, please, please do read up on these great organisations and give generously.. we will be working hard for 12 months to earn your donations.

For more information on how to join the Challenge or how you or your business can best support it then contact me on nick.harrington@eximius.com via twitter @nickharrington



Thank you!

 Nick Harrington and the Twelve Month Challenge Team